We have exciting news to share...

goPRit is now

I'm a goPRit client... What does this mean for me TODAY?

As of today, there will be little to no impact on you whatsoever - except needing to change your bookmarked log in link (http://qa.presspoint.io/login) and re-linking your email with PressPoint. Your username and password are even the same! Also, all of your data has been migrated to PressPoint - contact lists, searches, analytics, etc... If you have any issues of any type, shoot us a message from the PressPoint.io website and we will get back to you ASAP.

I'm a goPRit client... What does this mean for me IN THE FUTURE?

This is where things get exciting... In the coming weeks and months the PressPoint platform will be getting some major upgrades - allowing you to generate more press coverage with an easier to use interface! We are super excited to unveil some really power features, so it will just keep getting better from here!

I'm a goPRit client... Will my pricing increase?

Absolutely not! Your current pricing is locked in for life!

Seriously... Why does this matter to me?

Bottom line... PressPoint has more resources - cash and human talent - to deliver better technology, allowing you to further maximize your press generating potential - with a more user friendly and intuitive interface.

I'm NOT currently a goPRit client... What does this mean for me? 

As of today, not much... PressPoint has mirrored goPRit's service levels and pricing - for now. PressPoint will continue to host live webinars ever Tuesday and Thursday (click here to register via GoToWebinar), you can check out a quick overview of the PressPoint platform here and you can always contact the team using the message icon in the bottom right corner of every page on the PressPoint.io website or email us at support@PressPoint.io!

Will PressPoint provide more agency and enterprise level services?

Yes! There is a new hierarchy and multi user functionality already scoped out on the product roadmap for 2017. If you would like us to keep you in the loop on our progress on this front, shoot us an email at support@PressPoint.io and we will be in touch!