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goPRit guarantees you will get your business featured in the press, and do it at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PR agency.

  • Effortlessly build and manage lists of journalists

  • Reach out and follow up with journalists in minutes

  • Search, filter & contact journalists world wide

  • Find journalists based on articles they have previously written

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Client Testimonials

  • Nicolas Branas Michaelsen

    Nicolas Michaelsen

    "Our investment in PR has now yielded over 500,000,000 page views for AirHelp in less than one year. Operating in 18 countries makes press very challenging, with GoPrIt I have found a tool that gives me the transparency and scale I haven't found elsewhere. Trust me, you want to follow their "PR Success Strategy' - it works. We have become a press generating machine!"

  • Alick Dru

    Alick Dru
    Founder @ Tripr

    "The results have been incredible with goPRit! Tripr has already been featured in The Huffington Post, The Economist, The New York Times, The Daily Mail and more. We have also built relationships directly with these journalists. With a new product release around the corner, they are happy to feature us again."

  • Zissis Skouloudis

    Zissis Skouloudis

    "I was amazed with how simple and powerful this service is. It's a brilliant tool and great value, which I would recommend for every business"

  • Andrew Apanov

    Andrew Apanov

    "I Love the interface and attention to detail and finding media for your niche (any niche) is easy. I got a 25% response rate from just one small campaign!!! They provide great result!"